We are the first company to use NCTS system in Central Anatolia Region

As being Tetnak A.Ş we are awarded by Ministry of Customs since we are the first company to use NCTS (New Computerized Transit System) in the customs region of Central Anatolia.

What is NCTS?
Since the purpose of Common Transit regime is to accelerate and simplify the transit transactions, it can not be thought without being “complete paperless system”.  
Thus, as the result of electronicalization efforts in 1990’s, it became obligatory for all countries to end the use of 1st, 4th and 5th copies of transit declarations in common transit transactions and to use NCTS (New Computarized Transit System).

Briefly NCTS is a program in which all stages from presenting of transit declaration to acquitting of the regime are realized in electronic environment, communication between both customs administrations and customs administrations and tradesman is provided with electronic messages and thus important simplifications are realized for reliable tradesmen.