• Giving the priority to Germany, our companies have strong competitiveness in Austria, Netherlands and Belgium, besides these countries we provide our services via our agencies.
  • We have total or partial import or export operations every day on Turkey-Germany-Turkey destination.
  • Thanks to our abroad settled group company office, we provide customs clearance, storing and distribution support to in address delivery loadings for our customers.
  • With the help of load surveillance and bar-coding systems, we provide surveillance opportunity for orders.
  • For imco class loadings, we have expert administrative staff, ADR licensed drivers, specially equipped vehicles to provide you safe service and we give information to our customers on the subject.
  • Our customers may monitor their loads with satellite monitoring system.
  • Tetnak may present extra equipped services as well as extra capacities with vehicle fleet with wide variety including 60 (Euro II- Euro IV) environment friendly tow cars, 100 trailers purchased in accordance with different requirements of customers.

Vehicle Types